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“I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done” Psalm 9:1.
[Encounter Discipleship] has deepened my relationship by making me aware of how many ways God talks to me. I always thought there was a booming voice from the heavens that only certain select people heard, but now I know different. To tell you the truth it makes me feel included in the family of God.”
Chad M.

This class has deepened my relationship with the Lord in that we see that deeper things are available to all believers. We see that the supernatural gifts are available to all believers, and we learned the biblical context for all of them, and how they are properly used to encourage the body.

My entire life, my Spirit has been yearning to know more, to understand these things, and to experience them. Never in my life have I been in a class or group where this was so simple and easy to understand.  It all made sense, and the class was just plain enjoyable.  Probably the most important thing to me is that it was truly modeled.  There was time, and the leaders were patient.  They really cared, and they really prayed.

I can’t even describe what a positive and life changing experience this was.I was finally given the right tools to move forward.  The mentors were awesome! I have now have an unquenchable desire to spend intimate time with God.  I better learned how to hear his voice, and I am following. I have a long way to go, but I have a deep desire to continue.  He hears me!

Jan M.

Through this class I’ve become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It has taught me to be more sensitive and to be quiet and listen. It has made me more aware of walking in His presence all day long. This class taught me that as I’m going about my daily activities that the Holy Spirit is still trying to talk to me and teach me things.
Matt H.


Hearing from God has been difficult for me. But now I’ve had experiences where I actually heard some things for people that just blessed them. I didn’t get those things before and now I am! The lights are coming on. The connections are being made. Oh…that’s what it feels like to have God talk to you. Oh…that’s what it sounds like. I recognize it more. When we prayed for people at the end of class I originally felt like I didn’t have anything to offer and now I can’t wait to start! I’m just grateful beyond words for your class, instruction, examples you give, and practice we do. It’s just what I needed.


Frank H.


I’ve had a hard time trusting that the Lord wants to move in my life. But through this class during times of ministering to others I would speak out words of knowledge and people would be like, ‘Wow, that really affected me.’ And I didn’t know that God was speaking through me. I didn’t know He wanted to.


Kate S.


This class deepened and grew my prayer life. It grew my desire to see, hear, and receive from the Lord. It made me want to spend more time alone with the Lord. I felt excitement like a child waiting in anticipation for Him—the Almighty—to speak to me. It was an awesome feeling!


Brigget M.

What meant the most to me during this class is that I’m not littler than everyone else. There are no levels with God. That made me feel a lot better. No favorites, no one above or below me. I always felt belittled or not worth of it.
Fran M.

I definitely feel more equipped to minister to others and a little bolder to step out and do what the Holy Spirit is directing. But the biggest thing is the words of knowledge and praying over someone. Because as I we pray and touch that person they are feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit fall on them.
Mark D.

I feel more equipped to minister to others especially by listening to other’s testimonies. They gave me courage.
Larry S.

I wrote & journaled more during the class, God gave me so many words.  I see how the knowledge gifts and miracles are helpful in evangelism, and I want to operate more in the supernatural gifts.  I did receive a personal healing during the time that we were taking the class, and I think I was open to it, so it happened.  I know anything we believe, he can do, and our faith is only strengthened – it’s like a muscle.  I received and gave several words that were very helpful.

I only want to walk in this realm, stay in this realm, I want nothing less, and only more.  He gave me an unquenchable desire, and a vision for my future although I don’t think I’m walking in it yet.  I feel like a toddling toddler at this point, but that’s ok, it’s a good place to be.

I feel much more loved by God, and I feel immensely more in love with him!

Jan M.

It deepened my relationship by knowing that He wants a more intimate relationship with me. One-on-one. And wants me to hear his voice, not just some of the time, but everyday He will talk with me if I am still and wait on Him.
Dana F.

The class gave me boldness to step out. I felt so much stronger than I normally would. I was always backing up before. The classes made me go forward with God and be able to speak.
Fran M.

Chris said that when I prayed over her, she was freed from bondage on a subject that was deep in the back of her mind that has been there for years. The Lord told me to tell Cathy that she was very special to Him and that she should realize her worth to Him.
Kyle P.

God has caused me to further surrender in my walk with Him. I have experienced God drawing me closer. I have actually felt His presence draw upon me causing me to experience a greater focus and deeper focus on Him. I have felt strength over me in this process. The night before my dad fell to the ground, the group prayed for me. That night I not only received a deliverance, I also received an impartation of faith and strength that would carry me through the nine days.”
Cheryl M.

This program deepened my personal relationship with the Lord by learning the different ways I can hear from God and how God wants to use me. It was a comfortable place and I was encouraged to use the gifts. For example, I was encouraged to speak out what God was speaking to me. I finally did it! Looking back I now see how I was truly hearing from the Lord. It was the gift of prophecy and God speaking to me and me speaking out. I was always like, ‘Can I ever do that?’
Luke H.

The experience that I received by taking this discipleship class will forever change my life.  God has shown me that my life is not complete without Him.  The future is clear and my path has been changed not only for me and my family but those who God has put before us. I encourage anyone who loves God to take this class.

I would like to share one testimony. We were asked to get into small groups and intercede for anyone that needed prayer.  My wife and I began to pray for a lady in our group.  She was upset with how she was perceived by her family and didn’t understand why they couldn’t just love her.

At that moment I received a vision of a rose that was tarnished and not watered; then God watered the rose and it became beautiful and was not lacking  in anyway.   I shared the vision that God gave me.  I explained to her this is how God viewed her.  When we were walking out of the building, a young girl was passing out pink roses.  When the women I prayed for saw the rose; she knew that God was confirming that He loved her.  This is just one of the many examples of how I saw God manifest his love for us in this class.

James G.

What personally meant the most to me during this class was being ministered to at a time that we needed it.  Especially as ministry leaders [it was] a safe place to be ourselves, to learn, and to practice. The hands on practice & use of the gifts was helpful.  So much was learned about prophecy, words of knowledge & healing, and we experienced much of it in the class. Praying over people and speaking the words as we got them, then watching them come together & relate for people – so encouraging!  Experiencing personal healing while taking the class) and seeing many healed during the class, both in the class & outside.
Jan M.


I grew up Pentecostal and believed in these things, but didn’t know how to validate it with Scripture. I feel like God is answering things in my heart I needed to know by coming to this class. I came with my husband too. One day we were in the class and he even saw angels dancing in the room. It was really amazing. It was the first spiritual encounter that he ever had. He was so excited.


Brenda M.

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